Flagpole Comparison

Which flagpole is best for your use?

American Flag on Commercial Flagpole

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Architectural Grade


Light Commercial


Residential Tapered

Height Range 25' - 80' 25’ - 50’ 20’ 35’
Diameter Range 6" - 12" 5” – 8” x
Wall Thickness .188” - .375” .125” - .188” .125”
Material Options Aluminum, Fiberglass Aluminum, Fiberglass Aluminum, Fiberglass
Budget Premium Commercial Budget Commercial Small Budget (home, business)
Benefits Withstands higher wind loads For taller needs at a lower cost Same heavy grade hardware, lower cost
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What's the difference?

Residential Tapered Flagpoles have an external rope system only. These models include the same heavy grade cast aluminum hardware systems as our commercial models with a stationary pulley truck. The Residential models are a great choice for your home or small business or for those with a small budget.

Light Commercial Flagpoles are for those with a smaller budget but need a taller flagpole. These models have a smaller diameter and lighter wall thickness than Architectural Grade, but still include the same exceptional commercial grade hardware components.

Architectural Grade Flagpoles are made in the tallest heights, heaviest wall thicknesses, and largest diameters. They're meant to accommodate higher wind loads than our other flagpoles.

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