Flag Comparison and Scale

Which flag material is best for your use?

Should you get a polyester, nylon, or cotton flag?  Below we break down the benefits, costs, and best applications for each of these materials based on their environment and use. If you ever have additional questions, please reach out to our team.

Flagpole scale chart

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2-Ply Polyester





Benefits Most UV resistant. Flies best in light winds Heavy duty but not as durable as nylon and polyester.
Material specification Heavy weight, 100% 2-ply, spun woven. Longest lasting flag material made. Also known as Tough-Tex. 200 denier 3.2 oz bright Dupont nylon. Heavy weight material -not that cheesy stuff you see at the flea markets.
Pricing for 3'x5' U.S. Flag $56.00 $43.00 $49.00
Appearance Matte or Dull, looks like cotton. Glossy Matte or Dull
Material weight per sq yd. 5.0 oz./sq yd 3.2 oz./sq yd 4.7 oz/sq yd
Weight of finished flag 15.7 oz 9.7 oz 13.4 oz
Embroidered Stars Yes Yes Yes
Sewn Stripes Yes Yes Yes
Printed Stars No No No
Printed Stripes No No No
Brass Grommets Yes Yes Yes
Stitching On Fly End 4 Rows 4 Rows 4 Rows
Header Canvas Canvas Light Canvas
Applications The flag industry's latest material developed to provide the longest longevity in commercial, high wind and 24 hour flag installations. The best all around flag for good looks and durability. For residential or commercial use. The standard of the industry 40 years ago. Use for occasional needs like holidays and room decoration. Also great for the customer who just likes the look and feel of natural fiber material or the old timer who still prefers the way flags used to look.
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A message from Ron Kronberg, Owner:

There is no standard empirical data available on how long a flag will last

One guideline is that the average life of a nylon flag that is taken down in the evenings and before a storm is approximately 3 months. Therefore, if you leave you flag up 24 hours a day, this would reduce the average flag life down to about 1-1/2 months and even shorter if left up in a high storm. Wind and sun or UV rays are the main causes of flag deterioration.

Someone once told me that any flag in a 70 mile per hour wind will tear up in a matter of hours. The best flag nylon available will lose all structural value if left in the sun continuously for 9 to 12 months. My dad always said if you wear the same socks everyday they would wear out too. So buy the material that best suits your needs and pocketbook. And buy lots of flags so you will always have a fresh one to display.

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