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Fiberglass flagpoles are a popular choice for salt water or corrosive environments. Fiberglass is non-conductive and is a good material for areas that are prone to electrical hazards. Residential grade fiberglass tapered flagpoles are available in a variety of heights and base diameters. All flagpoles come standard with a gold anodized aluminum finial ball on top, pulley truck, rope halyard, two flag snaphooks, tie off cleat, base collar and an in-ground foundation sleeve. Standard finish color is white. A variety of finish colors are available for an additional charge.

2 products found in Fiberglass Residential Flagpoles

25' x 4.25" diameter white fiberglass flagpole with external halyard hardware
  • $1,200.00
20' x 4" white fiberglass flagpole with external hardware
  • $1,075.00