Everything You Need to Know About Flagpole Ornaments

Everything You Need to Know About Flagpole Ornaments

Flagpoles stand tall, proudly displaying flags that symbolize nations, organizations, or causes. But, did you know that flagpole ornaments have their own symbolism, too? Each ornament tells a unique story, adding depth and meaning to the flag it accompanies. Here are some of the most popular style of flagpole ornament and the significance behind each of them:

botonee cross flagpole ornament

Botonee Crosses

Botonee crosses, also known as budded crosses, are characterized by three circles or "buds" at the end of each arm. Symbolizing the Holy Trinity in Christianity, these crosses are a powerful emblem of faith and unity. The intricate design represents growth and the interconnectedness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

eagle flagpole ornament


Eagles have long been associated with strength, freedom, and courage. As flagpole ornaments, eagles often represent a nation's soaring spirit and noble ideals. In the United States, for instance, the bald eagle serves as a patriotic symbol, embodying liberty and the pursuit of a bright future.

sphere flagpole ornament


Spheres are simple yet profound ornaments that can hold various meanings. They often symbolize unity, completeness, and perfection. In a national flag context, a sphere may signify a nation's harmonious balance or global interconnectedness.

Star of David flagpole ornament

Stars of David

The Star of David, a six-pointed star formed by the overlap of two equilateral triangles, is a prominent symbol in Judaism. Placed atop a flagpole, it represents the Jewish identity and heritage. Its geometric precision embodies balance, harmony, and the connection between the divine and earthly realms.

army lance flagpole ornament

Army Lance

An army lance, or military spear, as a flagpole ornament signifies strength, defense, and readiness. It is a common choice for flags associated with military installations or organizations, reflecting a commitment to protect and serve.

spear flagpole ornament


Similar to the army lance, spears convey strength and readiness for battle. Historically, spears have been used as weapons and symbols of authority. In a flag context, they may represent a nation's preparedness to defend its values and sovereignty.

As flagpoles continue to wave flags high in the sky, the ornaments atop them tell stories of their own. Communicating faith, unity, strength, or cultural identity, these ornaments are a meaningful touch and add your own unique statement to any flagpole. 

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